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Please ship to the address below:




Email: receiving@prosealplus.com

Purchase order fax: 770-941-8239

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Terms and Conditions

• When shipping fabrics to ProSeal Plus, fabrics MUST be side marked with billing name as noted on your Purchase Order.

• A Purchase Order is required in order for ProSeal Plus to finish your goods.

• Cutting fee for applicable yardages: $10.00.

• All oversized packages (greater than 48” in length) will incur an oversize charge calculated by UPS

• All invoices include a $10.00 handling fee.

• Non-Standard width and/or composition fabrics and wallpapers are priced on a “Per-Quote Basis”

• ProSeal Plus is not responsible for any unclaimed fabrics, trims, wallpapers, etc., following 180 days from receipt.

• Extra wide goods will be charged at double price including $25.00 special handling fee.

• Multiple fabrics rolled on one tube incur a rerolling charge of $15.00 per piece.

• ProSeal Plus is not responsible for defective dye performance or manufacturing defects in fabrics received.

• ProSeal Plus does not inspect fabric for defects prior to processing.

• Face side of fabric must be shipped rolled face side in. ProSeal Plus is not responsible for fabric backed on the wrong side if the fabric was not received face side rolled in.

• ProSeal Plus must be notified in writing within 10 business days after delivery has been received of any damages or claims. ProSeal reserves the right to inspect and/or reprocess any fabric or wallpaper deemed unacceptable by the customer. Returns for reprocessing are not acceptable for fabric or wallpaper that has already been cut or fabricated. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Any claim for damages is limited solely to those directly caused by improper processing by ProSeal Plus and, in addition to any other limitations stated above, is limited to the wholesale value of the damaged portion of the fabric and in no event shall exceed $10.00 per yard.