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Q: Do you Scotchgard fabrics?

A: No, we use our product, ProSeal 2, for stain repellant treatments.

Q: Can you treat silks and velvets?

A: Yes.  Silks and velvets can be finished with both ProSeal 2 and our Flame treatment.

Q: Will your stain repellant change the appearance or hand of my fabric?

A:  No, ProSeal 2 will not change any of the natural characteristics of your fabric. It will protect your fabric against spills, stains and soiling.

Q: Do you lose yardage in the knit backing process?

A:  We work to keep losses to a minimum, but it does vary by fabric.  Please follow our guideline to allow 6 inches per role, plus a half inch per yard for shrinkage.  The actual amount is usually much less.

Q: Do I need to flame retard my fabric?

A: If you are using your fabric in a public place it must meet local fire codes.  The most common tests are the NFPA 701 test for window treatments and NFPA 260 for upholstery and ESTM-E84 for wall and ceiling finishes.

Q: What kind of fabrics can you treat with a flame retardant?

A: We can treat natural fabrics, most synthetic fabrics, as well as natural and synthetic blends. 

Q: I lost my flame certificate – can I get another one?

A: Yes.  We can get you a replacement for a $25 fee, which covers us reverifying your test results.

Q: Can I get my fabric treated with both a stain repellant and flame retardant?

A: Yes, we can treat your fabric with both ProSeal 2 and Flame 1 to protect it from stains while meeting fire codes.

Q: Can I get my fabric knit backed and treated with a stain repellant and fire retardant?

A: Yes, we can knit back your fabric for upholstery and treat it with ProSeal 2 and and our Flame treatment to protect it from stains while meeting fire codes.

Q: Do you treat extra wide fabrics?

A:  Yes, we do finish extra wide fabrics up 120 inches.

Q: Do you treat wallpaper?

Yes.  ProSeal 2 provides protection for wallpaper against water and water-based stains.

Q: Can my fabric vendor ship directly to you?

A: Yes, just have your vendor include your purchase order with the shipment.

Q: Will you ship my fabric to my workroom after treatment?

A: Yes.  On your purchase order provide the address of your workroom and any sidemarks, as well any contact information you have.

Q: Do you have a minimum yardage requirement to treat fabrics?

A: No.  

Q: Can the vendor ship directly?

Yes. Please include your "bill to" name. 

How do I get started?

Getting started is quick and easy.  Just fill out our online Purchase Order form prior to shipping your fabric to ProSeal.  Or you can download our Purchase Order form, print and include it in the package with your fabric or fax it to us.  Include the description of your fabric, the treatment you are requesting and the shipping instructions. It’s that simple.